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When I opened my email this morning, I saw a message from AJ, marked important. Knowing the responsibilities of this particular relative, I opened it with a bit of trepidation.

It was with great relief that I realized that the message was not about certain nutcases being on the rampage – a rampage that would have been nothing that Thorazine and a padded room couldn’t have handled.

Family, can’t live with ’em.


Where was I? Oh. The email.

It was about what happens when you do a search for the word Jew, in Google. You would expect the results of such a search to be web pages that define the word as in Jew – Wikipedia, or a discussion of what it means to be one in Judaism 101: Who is a Jew, or the use of the word as an epithet in Jew, or even a page like SingleJew – a Jewish dating site.

You would expect such sites to be listed on the first page, and you do get what you expect. However, you also get the web page, Jew Watch – in the number two spot.


I’ve run across this site before and was horrified the first time that I saw it. And, sure enough, I was horrified the second time too. Hatred is alive and well on planet earth.

Part of what has me horrified is that hatred of the Jews is even more insane than my nutcase relatives – if you can believe that’s possible. That’s why my very first reaction to the site had been one of incredulity – that it was some kind of a prank. Of course, it didn’t take long for the truth to clear away my befuddlement. 

How could someone hate the Jewish people this much? With all that they have done for us, it should be the other way around. We should venerate them; encourage them.

Think of how much greater America would have been if we had welcomed them to our shores instead of turning them back to Hitler’s gas chambers? Think of the advances in science and medicine and technology that died in Nazi death camps? Think even of the strengthening of our moral fabric by welcoming the destitute and downtrodden?

Instead, we condemned the Jewish people to death and harbored those among us who celebrated Nazi Germany’s actions.

Oh, the stain of our sin is minor compared to Germany’s or France’s. But, when a neighbor knocks on your door asking for sanctuary from a robber, and if that neighbor dies because you denied that sanctuary; well, don’t you have something to answer for?

We have the murder of six million on our conscience because we closed that door on their desperate need.

Which brings me back to Jew Watch. What do we do with the author of such a heinous site?

I’m not sure.

But, I suspect that a good start would include 100cc of Thorazine and a padded room – right next to the one where some of my relatives should be sitting. 


I was originally going to feature a comment written by SassyPants in my last entry. It was a very cogent bit of writing, and I thought that I’d stick it here in lieu of the full article that it richly deserves:

In her article, Joanna Chandler also referred to the Mohamed Al Durah hoax as “The New Dreyfus Affair”. You see, this type of thing has happened before about 100 years ago when a Jewish Army captain ‘Dreyfus’ was falsely accused and condemned for treason. I t was an acclaimed journalist, Emile Zola who several years later stood up and exposed the lie. The difference then and now is that Zola’s notoriety made people stand up and take notice. January 13, 1898 he put his career and his life on the line. He had the peoples voice behind him, which won Dreyfus’ freedom. Philippe Karsenty has precious few backing him up. He’s virtually going it alone. Who is the Dreyfus in this case you ask, the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
Unfortunately the damage has been done. This Hoax not only threatens Jews in Israel, but Jews all over the world.

Actually though, if you think this hoax hasn’t had an affect on you as you sit there in comfy chair, remote in hand, protected by your white picketed fence suburb in America think again.

Remember 9/11? 

You tell ’em Sassy. 

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  1. Wow, delusional is the only word I can come up with. If he would but 10% of his energies into positive endeavors instead of falling hook line and sinker for every 1/2 wit conspiracy theory he has posted, he might be dangerous. I’m pretty sure that we don’t have to worry about people who believe all the tripe. It seems to me they’re propagating their own demise, no one in their right mind could believe the BS on his site and you gotta have pity for anyone that would.

  2. Went to the site. What pure hatred! Some of these people really think that Jews drink babies’ blood. How completely ignorant and hateful.

  3. Here is the message I received:
    An explanation of our search results.

    If you recently used Google to search for the word “Jew,” you may have seen results that were very disturbing. We assure you that the views expressed by the sites in your results are not in any way endorsed by Google. We’d like to explain why you’re seeing these results when you conduct this search.

    A site’s ranking in Google’s search results relies heavily on computer algorithms using thousands of factors to calculate a page’s relevance to a given query. Sometimes subtleties of language cause anomalies to appear that cannot be predicted. A search for “Jew” brings up one such unexpected result.

    If you use Google to search for “Judaism,” “Jewish” or “Jewish people,” the results are informative and relevant. So why is a search for “Jew” different? One reason is that the word “Jew” is often used in an anti-Semitic context. Jewish organizations are more likely to use the word “Jewish” when talking about members of their faith. The word has become somewhat charged linguistically, as noted on websites devoted to Jewish topics such as these:
    Someone searching for information on Jewish people would be more likely to enter terms like “Judaism,” “Jewish people,” or “Jews” than the single word “Jew.” In fact, prior to this incident, the word “Jew” only appeared about once in every 10 million search queries. Now it’s likely that the great majority of searches on Google for “Jew” are by people who have heard about this issue and want to see the results for themselves.

    The beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google, as well as the opinions of the general public, do not determine or impact our search results. Individual citizens and public interest groups do periodically urge us to remove particular links or otherwise adjust search results. Although Google reserves the right to address such requests individually, Google views the comprehensiveness of our search results as an extremely important priority. Accordingly, we do not remove a page from our search results simply because its content is unpopular or because we receive complaints concerning it. We will, however, remove pages from our results if we believe the page (or its site) violates our Webmaster Guidelines, if we believe we are required to do so by law, or at the request of the webmaster who is responsible for the page.

    We apologize for the upsetting nature of the experience you had using Google and appreciate your taking the time to inform us about it.

    The Google Team

    p.s. You may be interested in some additional information the Anti-Defamation League has posted about this issue at In addition, we call your attention to Google’s search results on this topic.

  4. This was the first link on my list.
    I do not have the stomach, today, to view the other sites…

    Who is a Jew?
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • Learn more about using Wikipedia for research •
    “Who is a Jew?” (Hebrew: ?מיהו יהודי‎) is a commonly considered question that addresses the question of Jewish identity. The Hebrew phrase Mihu Yehudi (Hebrew: “?מיהו יהודי”‎, “Who is a Jew?”) came into widespread use when several high profile legal cases in Israel grappled with this subject after the founding of the Jewish state in 1948. As the Jewish identity shares some of the characteristics of an ethnicity and a religion, the definitions of a Jew may vary, depending on whether a religious, sociological, or ethnic approach to identity is used. Throughout Jewish history, Jews have been characterized in many different lights. According to most definitions, a Jew is either born into the Jewish people, or becomes one through religious conversion. The debate centers around some of the following questions:
    Mixed parentage debate: tries to identify when people with mixed parentage should be considered Jewish, and when they should not be.
    Conversion debate: centers around the process of religious conversion in an attempt to specify which conversions to Judaism should be considered valid, and which should not.
    Life circumstances debate: focuses on whether people’s actions (such as conversion to a different religion) or circumstances in their lives (such as being unaware of Jewish parentage) affect their status as a Jew.

  5. Hey John:

    Glad you got the email. I was appalled when Mikhal sent this to me. I just glimpsed at the site and will look at in more depth later as it makes me physically sick.

    Sorry I missed last night. Wasn’t feeling well. Talk to you tonight.

    Thanks for writing this. I will send this to Mikhal. I am sure she will be pleased.

    Love Ya,


    PS so far the relatives are “relatively” quiet.

  6. Excalibur by my side, I have been reading the site, watching the videos and wondering just how many of these coo coos are out there.

    Except that to THEM, we are the coo coos.

    Welcome to Babylon.

    Pray always and eat the Word!

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