Ain’t Gonna Happen

So, how do we stop this ‘Genocidal Answer’ that I wrote about yesterday?

I don’t know.

Russia would love to have Israel out of the way, but they really don’t hate Israel. They’re indifferent. Destroying Israel would just be business. No hard feelings.

And, don’t point the finger at Putin. He doesn’t necessarily hate Israel. He’s just doing what he thinks is best for Russian interests.

Even if it was Putin, changing the leadership of Russia probably wouldn’t do any good. Russia has no real grassroots belief in democracy. It is true that Russians like to have a say in who their leadership is, but they like strong leaders and idolize them – even if they’re scoundrels. So, the only reason for replacing Putin would be if we could guarantee that the next guy was either an idiot or someone with a better sense of moral values. Unfortunately, if you ask any Russian on the street in Moscow, or Petrograd, or even Vladivostok, you’ll find that they LOVE Putin.

Of course, Russia couldn’t be expansionist if the price of oil was lower. Russia is flush with oil profits, and they are using them to Russify their neighborhood. So, if you could lower the price of oil to the point where it was back under $17 a barrel, Russia would be stopped in her tracks.

So, sell your car and get a bike.

Right. It ain’t gonna’ happen, which means that we need to look at Iran.

Iran is a problem because there doesn’t seem to be anything (or anyone) in place to stop them. It is true that there is a home-grown insurgency that does blow up a police vehicle every once in a while. There are various student protests that sometimes succeed in making a nuisance of themselves. And, the terrible condition of the economy is causing popular discontent to rise.

Unfortunately, the anti-mullah insurgents, the student protests, and the growing popular discontent won’t make a serious impact for several years, and we don’t have several years. Iran will have the bomb soon. They will have a delivery capability soon.

The only options that can have ANY chance of success in stopping Iran’s nuclear program are either military or economic. Unfortunately, no one has the will or the means to use the military option. A ground invasion would suffer terrible casualties, and the use of nuclear weapons would be… too upsetting to those with delicate sensibilities.

So, we’re pretty much left with the economic option. However, as long as oil is running at over $17 a barrel, no economic embargo is going to work. All that the Iranians would have to do is offer a discount, and they could sell as much oil as they had to sell. The Russians would certainly be willing to buy it and resell it.

The only thing that could work would be a concerted bombing campaign against Iranian oilfields, oil terminals, and pipelines. If you turn off the source of Iran’s income, she won’t be able to pursue her nuclear program, or any other military/terrorist program.

That’s because it takes money. If you turn off the money, you turn off the threat.

So, are we going to bomb Iran’s oilfields, terminals, and pipelines?

Nope. It’s not gonna’ happen. There’s just no political will to do that.

So, we are really left with only one choice if we want to stop the Russo-Iranian juggernaut. Stop driving our cars. And, we know that this just…

Ain’t gonna’ happen.

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  1. Sarko the new French Prez seems to see the seriousness of the situation. He had hot dogs with Bush too! Do I hear a joint Franco/American effort to curb the Mullahs? Wouldn’t that be great, France hasn’t had a strong leader since Napoleon, Sarko may be the guy!! Lets all cross our fingers!,7340,L-3442638,00.html

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