Funding a Modern Hitler

Most people do not know that Hitler’s Germany could not have developed into a threat without outside help. Bankers and investors lined up to give loans and make investments. Even while Hitler was demonstrating his evil intentions, they loaned and invested.

Without that support, Hitler would have been just one more ineffectual crackpot.

This century’s version of Hitler is as much a threat as Hitler ever was, and guess what… we’re doing it again. 

That’s right. We’re giving him loans and making investments. Here’s a quote from the Washington Post:

As Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization moves toward its announced goal of operating 50,000 uranium enrichment centrifuges in Natanz, the World Bank is funding nine government projects in Iran totaling $1.35 billion — one of which operates in Isfahan, where Iran’s nuclear program is headquartered.

Stupidity this stupid is…

Well, words fail me.


Here’s the complete article:

6 thoughts on “Funding a Modern Hitler”

  1. With hind sight, there were so many opportunities to stop coporal shickelgruber early on that were missed. Let’s hope future generations don’t think of us in the same terms.

  2. Iran is laughing all the way to the bank….Wake up people,are the extremeist the only ones with their eyes open??????

  3. make me wonder, why this tiny jewish state worry so much about
    iran and it is nuc desir.may be the balance of power is final
    y start shifting ina way israel do not like it.
    but that is the history we live in;

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