Poor Widdle Me

Ever had an ice pick stuck in your ear?


Me neither, but it sure feels like there’s one stuck in there now!

Yours truly is currently suffering from the worst ear infection that he’s ever… suffered. It is truly amazing.

I’m taking massive antibiotics and loading up on pain pills and I’m just barely holding my own. In fact, last night I threw in the towel and asked for something stronger. Life is just too short to suffer more than absolutely necessary. (Better living through Chemistry!)

So, poor widdle me.

Oh, and I’ve moved to a new place and getting connected to the Internet is a bit of a challenge. Believe it or not, getting connected is easier in Israel than in the US (well, at least Indiana).

One more reason to get back to where the insanity is obvious.

18 thoughts on “Poor Widdle Me”

  1. I have just the c Edit edit edit eDIT eDiT EDIT edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit edit for EDIT

    Man! that’s whatcha call self induced editing.

  2. Sorry to hear about your painful ear. It’s enough to make a grown man (or woman) cry. Have you ever tried the earwax removal candles from the health food store? I understand they work very well.
    Hope the drugs work quickly for ya.

    Congrats on the new pad.

  3. Hey Jenn Mr. Bigs will “Party like a RockStar” in J Town the month of September 07. At least that’s what he said back OH so many months ago.

    I doubt earwax is what’s causing his ear infection. Poor baby, but the candle works for wax buildup issues.

    John you could go get some garlic capsules and squeeze the liquid into your ear. You’ll smell but garlic is a natural antibiotic. Daddy use to warm up olive oil and put it in my ears as a kid. Turned out I was allergic to my pillow. Lay on a heating pad it’s soothing too. I could always put on my nurses uniform and take your pulse and temp administer your daily dose. LoL

    Does anyone know how Anna is doing? I’m sure she’s sitting at home with a bottle of wine watching NASA! Isn’t everyone?

    I was kinda hoping to be at the Cape. ~sigh

    Hi God how’s it going? I thought I’d send a little prayer up for an Astronaut. eh hem…I mean for the astronauts. Please keep them safe and keep the safety inspectors at the top of their game in order to catch any problems that may arise during pre launch. Also, bind up the mouths of the liberal media. Please send an extra hedge of mighty warrior angels to protect the shuttle and all of the people involved in this launch.

    In Jesus name!

  4. Moi?



    The problem is that there’s a bunch of stuff in the air, so I can’t say when.

    Of course, some of that ‘stuff’ is what lies behind all that ‘editing’ that Sassypants did.

    She’s a good girl, that Sassypants.

    (Yes, Sassypants, I know. I’m thinking about it. It’s not as simple as it sounds.)

    Okay, thanks for the commiseration!

  5. My My what ever is Mr. Bigs referring too? What isn’t as easy as it sounds?

    Many people have become honory citizens of Israel due to the _____ what’s that called again??? grrrrrr I don’t like it when that happens. Of course I read in J Post that they’re cracking down on _____ and it won’t be as easy to do.

    Yup that made alot of sense didn’t it? Huh

    P told me that the reason I fail to remember stuff is because my brain is so full of knowledge that there’s nothing left. I could agree to this to some extent but it’s always making new connections and so I figure I just need to pace myself these days.

    I bumped into some true blood line jews who had dual citizenship in the US and Israel. This I understand.

    I’m thinking that as a US citizens we should support our country first and other causes 2nd just as a matter of principle.

    It is working here and making money here that enabled someone I know to be able to have an extended stay in Israel recently and she isn’t jewish. She’s never mentioned that she wants to be a citizen of Israel but if she did would that mean that she turned her back on the USA and those who have given up their lives for the country of her birth?

    Ok, well i’m gonna go now and ponder these thoughts for a while. I think i’ve opened up another can of worms to sort through.

    ok bye bye

  6. Hi SP,
    I don’t understand some of your posts.
    And I’ve only had one full bottle of tap water.
    I happen to think that you are an imposter.

  7. I would like to take this opportunity to ask forgiveness from all whom I might have offended with my “edited” post above

    Mr. Bigs knows me well enough to know that I shouldn’t need to explain anything to him.

    However for those of you who don’t no me editing will only occur after the words “I do” are spoken before God and man….

    Ok, so someone please give Mr. Bigs a glass of cool water as he is now probably getting a bit hot around the collar…

    and now that I dug the hole deeper let me just extinguish any rumminating thought of romantic bliss occuring in some of you die hard romantics out there. Mr. Bigs and I are just internet friends.

    K? K!

    Sorry I pushed the envelope

  8. Anna, I am no imposter. I am human.

    I will fill in the above blanks as soon as I have time to go back and dig through J Post.

    John knows what i’m referring to because it was front page news a weeks ago.

    As for wine, I could use a glass or two. My neck is killing me due to surgery I had about 6 years ago…wine beats a muscle relaxer pill any day and it’s all natural. ;)

    Of course Svenn is even better!!!

  9. Yeah, and red wine is good for the heart.
    And it’s made frome grapes-0ne of the top ten foods on the Sonoma Diet.
    You’re John talking to himself..Jenn gave me that idea:)

  10. Does giving up half and half in my coffee qualify me as dieting?

    I like YellowTail Shiraz it’s very yummy.

    Is it me or is my writing becoming hickish?

    Oh my word, I just read that post I wrote and it does sound like John talking to himself. How hysterical!!!!

    Actually girls I was SandMonkey and a few others too.

    Hey, you know what I think? I think John’s bored with politics or maybe he’s burnt out or maybe he realizes that there’s more to life than what he’s been doing. I read some stuff on one of his sites not to long ago….maybe he’s thinkin about retiring or something….something….something…..

    Lets speculate here for a moment and lay it down.

    Jennwith2Ns what do you think?

    Anna, and you?

  11. Rest assured Miss Anna I am NOT John or John’s!

    and i’m sooooooooooo not mean.

    i’m something.

    A true lover of Christ
    and a million more somethings
    and lets not forget cute, sexy and down right irresistable. LoL

    Thank you and have a good weekend!

  12. I was trying to remember a time here lately when I was mean.

    Are you talking about speculating about what John is doing? That man is soooooooooooooooooooo the silent type and I am sooooooooooooo not and so that brings out my urge to solve a mystery. He knows this about me and so he probably does stuff on purpose just to keep me entertained.

    I am very nice to people and living things. At this very moment I am trying to figure out how to take apart a ceiling fan so I can get a salamander out of the globe. It’s not your typical ceiling fan and so it’s rather difficult.

    I even save little worms that can’t quite make it across the hot side walk.

    AND well, my Mom put the birds on a diet and i’m having issues with that. I have to be sneaky so they get food in the mornings like before. It’s terrible to see all the little birdy wordies wringing their little wings in distress because they have no food.

    I suppose I can be mean if I want or need to be. Sometimes you gotta be mean so people don’t walk all over you.

    Recently I thought i’d hire an attorny to do the dirty work of mean ness for me but I decided to just let it all go cuz Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn! ( That’s from the movie Gone With the Wind)


    If you still wanna think I’m mean that A O K by me.

    Ta ta for now lil Anna

  13. I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear word regarding my lil trapped salamander.

    I am happy to report that the lil guy wiggled his way out of the ceiling fan and found his way to the edge of the carpet nesteling himself between the carpet and wall.

    I saw him there, picked him up and took him out to the bushes and flowers of the front yard where at this moment he is eating lots of bugs and drinking dew.


  14. Actually, i thought is was pry a toy one of your kids put there..
    where do you live? Costa Rica?
    Awwww…that was nice

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