Israel in Photo – Gilad Benari

I love photography.

A good photograph evokes time and place. It communicates emotion. It looks into the human spirit and searches for the good and the bad. 

A good photograph invites you to taste the colors and feel the sunlight on your skin. In a good photograph, the rain doesn’t just slide down the window pane; it splatters on your forehead.

THAT is what a good photograph does.

I like to think of myself as a good photographer, and I have a few good photographs in my own portfolio. But, Gilad Benari?

Gilad Benari isn’t just a good photographer. He’s a GREAT photographer, and Jerusalem Online has assembled a powerful slide show of some of Gilad’s photographs of Israel.


3 thoughts on “Israel in Photo – Gilad Benari”

  1. You are so right!! The guy has a really good eye. I especially like
    the ones with the dogs. He obviously loves dogs. I can relate to that real easy.

    So, you consider yourself a photographer of sorts? Lets see some of your photos.

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