Treppenwitz – Wisdom of the Stairs

Israel is special.


(I heard that gasp of surprise and will ignore it.)

Unfortunately, Israel Outlook doesn’t capture more than a fraction of that special quality. My blog is all about terrible people doing terrible things to a country that I care deeply about. But, terrible people have done terrible things to other countries since there were countries to do terrible things to.

It says very little about your uniqueness when the terrible hate you.

That’s why you should turn to other blogs when you want a ‘slice of life’ look at Israel. I’ve already profiled Marallyn’s blog Shalom from Jerusalem, but there’s another blog that should also have your attention.

The name is Treppenwitz, which is Yiddish for ‘wisdom of the stairs’ – the kind that’s just a little too late. David Bogner is the blogger, and his blog consistently wins awards in his category.

David explains the unusual name for his blog in this way:

Literally, ‘the wisdom of the stairs’. The striking reply that crosses one’s mind belatedly when already leaving, on the stairs. People are often angry because they did not have the fitting answer directly during a conversation. The term is old, but it was made popular by W. Lewis Hertslet who published his book in 1882 entitled ‘Treppenwitz der Weltgeschichte’. In that book, he writes: “Like to a petitioner who is just leaving after an audience, a piquant, striking words occurs to history almost always delayed.”

I think that all of us have been there far too many times to count, and David’s writing is full of the gently ironic tongue-in-cheek quality that you would expect from such a blog. Gentle irony is a rare thing in Israel, which is more used to the harsher kind that yours truly dishes out.

Here is how David describes himself and his blog:

I live in Israel with my wife Zahava, our three gifted (natch’) kids, and our black Lab’ Jordan.

Some of what you’ll find here deals with the ‘specialness’ and reality of everyday life here. Other stuff dances around the periphery of subjects like fatherhood, husbandry (hmmm…maybe that’s the wrong word), commuting, home improvement, and pet ownership.

What’s left are an assortment of links to web sites I frequent, and other bloggers that I follow. Keep in mind that while I enjoy visiting these places and reading these blogs – you might not. ’nuff said.

So, put Treppenwitz on your watch list, and learn a little ‘wisdom of the stairs’. 

15 thoughts on “Treppenwitz – Wisdom of the Stairs”

  1. Uh…..i’m beginning to think God has knitted us all together because i’ve stumbled across T already a long time ago. Reason why I know is because the sound of T reminds me for some strange reason of Steppenwolf the rock band. I couldn’t even tell you any songs that band plays. Weird that my brain would associate like this.


    You may want to go visit T’s site because there is a really informative video with lots of facts about the PA and Israel, Jews, Arabs and the Nazi’s etc…

  2. I did visit, and oddly
    went to “Ocean Guys” link (who doesn’t seem to say much about the ocean?)?! to see “MAgic Carpet Ride”is a song of Steppenwolf…how that is related to the ocean is beyond me

    You know what I would like to find, an interesting, sincere, English writing Muslim/Islamic blogger..I just cannot believe they are ALL
    EVIL. That would be like saying ALL CHristians listen when they go to church

  3. I’d also like a link to how much money is given to NASA…
    Doesn’t the government think there are enough issues that need
    funding on earth?
    What have they found in space that gives them salaries so high.
    ummmmm..people are dying down here. Life is slowly dying down here.

    EXcellent journalism work on that one..

  4. Okay, maybe there is a NASA purpose there..I don’tknow.

    But what I DO know, it is a LIE that AMericans will not take certain jobs.
    I have 2 college degrees and am the cleaning lady, a friend has a MS and works at a bookstore…another friend is trying to get into med school and is working construction…too bad he is not from India. *maybe* just *maybe* Americans aren’t conditioned to live in a one bedroom apartment with 12 other people.
    Maybe, Just *maybe* Idiot Bush doesn’t realize these people from Cuba/wherever go home to wherever and are rich. Thinking about the minimum wage makes me SICK, and Bush has never had to base his survival on that..
    IDIOTS! If they increase the minimum wage, maybe *AMericans*
    could live the *AMerican Dream* and not the mexican dream.
    Oh, I won’t stop there..what’s with exporting jobs and importing
    highly educated professionals???
    If you love America so much, give it a chance before you sell it off to the worlds cheapest bidder. Take a good look at the people of your country.

    Sorry for the venting, this just seems like a safe, understanding place

  5. Goodness Anna, Tell us how you really feel.

    Poor thing, someone give her an asprin.

    I’m gonna go work at What A Burger. They have really cute hats. LoL

    Actually though I need something within walking, bikeriding or rollerblading distance. You should have seen the poor guy get hit by a truck the other day. It was terrible.

    I’m good at dogging cars.

  6. LOL!
    Maybe I had a little too much wine..And since I post here so much,
    you must know I am not drinking and driving:)

    I happen to think that the job of looking for a job is much more stressful than being in a miserable job.
    I will say prayers for you, SP.
    You know, at least you wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear?

    So, you actually saw someone get hit by a truck?!
    How mortifying.
    I had a deer run in front of my car on the interstate..I barely missed her, but someone in the opposite lane didn’t. That was pretty traumatic for me to see. Shook me up. Really Really in flying parts. She is a new little star in heaven, now:)

  7. Yes, seeing that guy get hit was aweful. It was at the entrance to our neighborhood. The guy was stunned and it looked like his leg was broken. The driver was stunned as well. Mom and I observed that nearly ever vehicle making that right turn neglects to look right after watching for breaks in oncoming traffice to their left. Pedestrians really need to be mindfull.

    Probably not a good idea to drink and blog. Things come out that shouldn’t sometimes. LoL

    I was gonna ask you if you’d rather have Bill and Monica back in office. I’m sure their hands would be on everything except the pulse of the war in Iraq.

    And the NASA thing is a conspiracy brought on by the lefties. LoL I blame it all on the left. Including global warming. The globe would get cooler if they’d just shut their mouths.

    My kids are part American Indian and yes, AI’s Rock! My eldest could have help in paying for college if her Dad would only do what’s necessary to apply.

  8. Anna said:
    “You know what I would like to find, an interesting, sincere, English writing Muslim/Islamic blogger..I just cannot believe they are ALL EVIL.”

    Here’s one for you Anna, no, they’re not all evil, not by a long shot.

  9. Sassy says:
    ” My eldest could have help in paying for college if her Dad would only do what’s necessary to apply.”

    What do you have to do to apply? I’m 1/16th Comanche.

  10. tedders,

    It’s been a long time since I checked into this but he tried to get in touch with the main Cherokee chief. I can’t remember all of the details but there was a process that my ex had to go through including picking a name. I don’t know if that’s changed but it’s up to him as he is the blood tie.

    My daughter said when she checked into it someone told her that she would have to live in Oklahoma.

    AND there’s an adoption that occured on our side of things that we would NOW have to be sensitive to.

    Like I said, I haven’t done any checking recently because i’ve been a bit busy and it’s the ex’s baby to deal with.

    It is his grandmother on his Dads side who was 100% Cherokee.

  11. Yah tedders,

    In those pics of hot military babes what you didn’t see was there Commando Moms machine gun pointed at __________(you fill in the blank)

  12. Hey Anna,

    I’m not stressed over the job thing. I’m just doing what everyone does when jobless and then praying my guts out. I figure i’d bug the daylights out of God. Lots of folks are praying so I don’t whined up in the wrong place.

    Lots of people don’t understand the concept of leaving it in His hands.

    I believe i’m jobless for His purpose and that’s always good.

    I got my car back today so I don’t have to ride my bike except now the mechanic is warning me about the tires. I know I need tires but ya gotta have cash flow and I don’t have that right now.

    I just take each day as it comes. Something good is around the corner.


  13. Sorry I missed this… I have been beyond busy with work and travel. Thank you so much for the touching words. I wish even a fraction of them were true. Shabbat shalom.

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