A Radiological Apocalypse

I tend to be the collector of obscure facts.

Such as the five percent rule for drug smuggling. The rule is that you only catch five percent of all the drugs smuggled across your border. Sometimes you get more. Sometimes you get less, but generally you only get five percent.

In other countries, like Russia, it’s actually worse.

What prompted this Little stream of consciousness is a bit of BBC reporting on the IAEA’s (International Atomic Energy Agency) attempts to secure radioactive materials and suppress the smuggling of those materials.

Why is the IAEA attempting to get a hold of radioactive materials? Materials that cannot be made into an atom bomb?

Because these materials can be made into a radiological bomb – a bomb that uses conventional explosive to shower radioactive materials over a wide area. A wide area such as downtown New York, or Washington D.C.

Can you imagine the terror that would result? Just two or three of those bombs could shut down the commercial capital of the US, for days or weeks – and send the economy of the US (and even the world) into a tail spin.

Or, they could choose the top financial cities of the world, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and London and paralyze them simultaneously. Can you imagine the result?

If you could paralyze the financial districts of these cities for one week, the economic system of the world would totally collapse – especially if you added Frankfurt, Milan, and Paris. Just pack a few bombs with easy-to-get radioactive materials and place them on top of a few tall buildings. You could literally destroy the world economy.

So, why did I start with a discussion of drug smuggling?

Well, there is a HUGE amount of HIGHLY radioactive material floating around the former USSR, and there is this one, tiny little team of experts from the IAEA attempting to get it. Unfortunately, they are in a race with other teams that aren’t so small. However, the IAEA is attempting to allay our fears by claiming that they are catching this radioactive material at the border.

What the IAEA is not telling you is that security at these borders is lousy, and easily circumvented. And, they also aren’t telling you about the five percent rule for drug smuggling.

So, remember this. The more that the IAEA claims that they are intercepting… well, at least 20 to a 100 times more than that is getting through.

Now, tell me that this isn’t an obscure fact. 

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  1. I Tell you
    The Communists are the ones to fear..
    I happen to think they are just using the Muslims to do all of the work..
    Sad actually.
    What is the radioactive material?

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