That’s Not Desperation, That’s HATE

I’m working my way through an embarrassingly large collection of unwatched DVDs – a stack about chest high*, if you must really know. (They’re just so cheap over here, and when I get back to Israel…)

Anyway, there I sat, watching an Israeli film, when there was reference to a suicide bombing in Israel. One of the characters turns to the other and says something like, ‘think of how desperate the suicide bomber must have been to blow himself up.’

(Please don’t be shocked. Israelis are some of the most self-critical people on the planet.)

I just sat there, rolled my eyes and thought, “here we go again”. Luckily the movie wasn’t about suicide bombers.

However, this blog IS (among other things).

Why is it that we must look at the suicide bomber as being desperate?

I’ve been through several waves of suicide bombings in Israel, and even had a few buses bombed down the street from me.

I can tell you that not a single one of those bombers was desperate. Not one.

Oh, I’m sure that they suffered feelings of desperation in their lives, and that some may have felt desperate about their personal circumstances. But, if it’s all about desperation, why is it that all but one or two of the bombers was a man?

Women don’t get desperate?

Why is it that, in Jordan where the situation for Palestinians is WORSE… why don’t we see suicide bombings in Jordan?

And, why does it normally take about three months to psychologically ‘prepare’ a suicide bomber to blow himself up?  

That’s because the only ‘desperation’ that these bombers feel is the one to kill non-Muslims and collect 70 virgins.

And, if these bombers are so ‘desperate’, why don’t they refer to themselves as having acted out of ‘desperation’? Do you notice that? In their ‘last will and testament’ videos, they talk about everything BUT their desperation.

So, why does everyone keep referring to them as having acted out of desperation?

That’s because we can’t seem to understand that Islam, as it is taught now, is a religion of hate and violence. We just can’t get our heads around it. How can someone hate someone THAT much to want to kill themselves?

But, they aren’t the only ones that do that. There’s a country in Africa (I think Nigeria) where a man will go to the doorstep of his enemy and kill himself – because he believes that his ghost will haunt his enemy forever.

That’s not desperation. That’s HATE. 

*Please note that I’m almost 6’5″. Yes, the stack really is that big.