Bringing in the Apocalypse

A friend of a friend is a military police investigator (MPI) in Iraq. He helps run one of the military prisons in southern Iraq – supposedly one of the ‘nicer’ areas.

Let’s call him Bill. It’s a nice name, and he’s a nice guy.

He says something interesting. He says that the nicest prisons in Iraq are the ones run by the US military. And, as an MPI, he never needed to resort to harsh methods to obtain information.


Granted, Bill is a nice guy, and it’s hard to imagine him resorting to ‘water boarding’, and other forms of physical intimidation. But, you never know what a person is capable of until he’s being shot at, and until he sees his buddies being killed. It can change you.

Anyway, Bill.

He says that when he’s interrogating a detainee, all that he needs to do is tell them that he is transferring them to an Iraqi prison, if the inmate doesn’t cooperate. He gets immediate cooperation. Immediate. They stumble over themselves to cooperate.

The Iraqi prisons (run by Iraqis) are THAT bad. They, by themselves, are a form of torture.

Even Sadaam Hussein, one of the most evil of men, thanked his American guards for their treatment of him. It was instructive to see how the Iraqi guards treated him, when he was handed over for execution. 

The other point that Bill makes is about a US military pulled out. He says that when the prisons are handed over, there will be a massacre. Whoever they hand the prison over to will murder all the inmates that do not follow their brand of Islam. The Sunnis will massacre the Shiites, the Shiites will massacre the Sunnis, and everyone will massacre the Christians.

Actually, I don’t really think that there are many Christians in these prisons, but if there are any… they won’t survive the handover.

But, let’s not talk just about the prisons. When the US military pulls out – and it will – there will be a blood bath. There will be an orgy of killing, and no one will be spared. The Shiites will massacre the Sunnis. The Sunnis will commit genocide against the Shiites, and everyone will kill the Christians.

The result will be a failed state in the land of Iraq, and Iran will move in and take over. If the US pulls out of Iraq in the way that the Democrats in Congress want them to, they will be handing the Middle East over to the Iranians.

If you think the world is a difficult place now, just wait until Iran takes over.

You’ll wonder if it isn’t the beginning of the Apocalypse.

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