Real Zeal Land

I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t change the name of this blog from ‘Israel Outlook’ to ‘Iran Outlook’. However, I did say that it was the view FROM Israel. (Including ABOUT Israel)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about Iran and the Mahdi. It strikes me that the Iranian government is REALLY religious.

I know. I just heard that ‘no duh!’

I don’t mean that it’s a new discovery. It’s not. What I mean is that the quality of that religiousness is amazing. It’s the incredible zeal that permeates the whole government.

It’s one thing for the president of Iran to be nuts about Islam. But, it’s quite another thing for the whole government to be nuts about Islam. THAT is what I mean.

The problem is that, when I say this, I know that you are going to have difficulty understanding what I mean. When I say religious zeal, you immediately think of some nut-case type standing on a corner and calling for us all to get saved.

It’s the going to church (or synagogue) in your best clothes kind of ‘really religious’ that you immediately think of.

The problem is that this ISN’T that kind of religious zeal. This kind of zeal, to put it in American terms, says that we will all go to Hell if we don’t invade Mexico and obliterate Guatemala with nuclear weapons – to make Messiah come.

No, I can see that you still don’t get it.

Think about walking into your local license branch to renew your driver’s license and know that everyone in that office is hired because they believe stuff like that. Think about zeal that is as pervasive as THAT.

Now, I think that you are beginning to understand.

1 thought on “Real Zeal Land”

  1. well, since it appears that you only have 3-4 readers:):)
    I got it, but then you started describing it @ the first: the problem is….then I got lost.
    I think it’s pretty impressive, actually. At least they believe in something.
    Glad they aren’t my neighbors, though. Maybe they could somehow turn their efforts on destroying Russia and China first.

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