How Can They Be So Crazy and So Stupid?

I’m going to need to create a new category in this blog called Stupid People. The problem is that it would hold more than half of my submissions.

What has me so annoyed THIS time?

The Palestinians, of course.

Thanks to Israel, Palestinians are better educated than any other group of Arabs anywhere. They have more engineers, more doctors, more teachers, more everything. When Israel took over the West Bank from the Jordanians, Israel imposed a school system unprecedented in the Arab world.

Israel, of course, was hoping that an ‘enlightened’ populace would do the smart thing and try to find a way to peace. And, it was working.

Then, along came the Oslo accords. Grateful at being recognized as having a right to exist, Israel welcomed the PLO in with open arms, shouting for joy that it was ‘peace in our time’.

You can understand Israel’s excitement. Here was the dream of a lifetime. Here was an opportunity to end the horrendous suffering.

I was there, so I understand.

I also understand the PLO’s position. A grassroots leadership was growing in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Young Palestinians were finding their voice, and the PLO was finding itself disenfranchised.

So, they did the deal. PLO in. Grassroots leadership out.

What was the first thing that the PLO did?

Destroy the Palestinian educational system and turn it into a tool for murder and mayhem. Almost two decades later, Palestinian society is destroyed, and they are STILL at it. Here’s a quote from the Jerusalem Post about the latest report to the Kenesset from Palestinian Media Watch:

“According to these books,” Marcus told the MKs, “the war over this land is a war for Muslim land, and will end only with the resurrection of the dead.” The books teach that “recognition of Israel is forbidden by religion,” he said.

Palestinian Media Watch went on to say:

PMW director Itamar Marcus told the Education Committee that the new schoolbooks were – for the first time – uniquely focused on portraying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a religious war.

Benjamin Franklin once said:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

(A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein)

How can the Palestinians be so crazy and so stupid?

5 thoughts on “How Can They Be So Crazy and So Stupid?”

  1. i think it’s kinda like a little pregnant…know what i mean? sigh…add to crazy and stupid the little word DANGEROUS…and voila waddya get??? oy

  2. Cool blog, Jungle! I will be back to read more.
    I’m pretty sure I was one of the “child left behind” in the American
    Education system of my era..your timeline was perfect!
    What I don’t understand (anyone out there in cyberland)
    Is why it is taking them (Muslims/Radical Islam/Iranians/Palestinians/whoever) so long. Does that mean that the American government is doing a good job?

  3. Anyone who kills their own children has to be possessed by something demonic! From what I have observed since 9/11,
    these are beings that simply cannot be human! They live to
    hate, steal, kill and destroy, not only others, but themselves.
    If this sounds harsh, well, how does positioning two children
    in a car and blowing them up sound? How does beheading
    another human being sound? How does blowing up innocent
    families, peacefully celebrating their High Holy days sharing a meal
    in a local restaurant sound? How does blowing up busses full
    of innocent school children sound? Nope, they can’t be human!!
    So why are we trying so hard to save them? What are we saving?
    It reminds me of the efforts of enviornmentalists to “save the Mexian Grey Wolf” from extinction, only to have them viciously
    destroy expensive ranch stock and farm animals. So what is the
    logic behind saving them? Are we better off with them or without
    them? Yes, I know. There is a difference between humans and
    animals, at least, that’s what we’ve been taught. It’s just interesting to see where our thoughts will take us. It’s a good
    thing there is only one God who makes the rules we are supposed to live by. I’m thinking something dark and sinister must have happened on that Ark so that more animals came out of the Ark than went into the Ark. Hmmmmmmm.

  4. Well, when I was in school studying biology, I had the WORST feeling dissecting animals. However; I overcame that guilt when a friend told me that humans have a *soul* and that makes them different than animals. Maybe the terrorists have sold their souls to the devil.
    I surely hope my cute, gentle, quite, docile, little bunnies make it to heaven before they do.

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