Not Until YOU Are Out of the Way

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to strangle a journalist.

Now, put it down. I can’t type this thing one handed.

The ones that I can’t stand are the sanctimonious journalists who know NOTHING about Israel and yet seem to think that they can shake their finger and tell us how bad we are.

However, living in Israel has helped me understand something very important. Without a strong, critical media, we cannot remain free. Unfortunately, that means having to put up with the ‘holier-than-thou’ journalists who relish the opportunity to defame Israel.

So, even though we might want a certain journalist to succumb to a bad case of halitosis, we need them all.

Let me connect this thought to yesterday’s article.

Both Russia and Iran are murdering journalists. Not because they have bad breath. Not because they are criminals. Not because they suffer from a deficit in morality. No, they are murdering journalists because they are afraid of what might happen when the average Russian or Iranian finds out what they are doing. 

What is the Russian government afraid of? Well, they ARE afraid of general unrest. And, in fact, EVERY government is afraid of unrest. But, in Russia, they’re also afraid of losing their comfortable positions – as well as their opportunity to keep their hands in the cookie jar. You can sum up the biggest reason why Russia kills journalists with just one word: corruption.

Whither the Iranians? Are they, like the Russians, killing journalists because of corruption?


One of the benefits of Islamist regimes is their willingness to stamp out corruption and establish law and order. So no, Iran isn’t killing journalists because they are corrupt. But, they ARE killing journalists to stay in power.


Because they have a holy purpose. Because everything that they do is infused with holy purpose. Because they are willing to die, and more importantly are willing for YOU to die for their holy purpose.

It’s even worse when they believe that YOU stand between them and their holy purpose.

What is the single most important holy purpose to the Iranian government?

To bring in the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah. And the Mahdi isn’t going to come until YOU are out of the way. 

2 thoughts on “Not Until YOU Are Out of the Way”

  1. Nope.
    Never had that experience.
    But I will say that I do get annoyed when they report on something they know nothing about. However; they aren’t supposed to be walking geniuses, they were trained in journalism..maybe the university teaches them to bug people with dumb questions? I don’t know, but I’m sure there is more to being a journalist than what we see/hear/read, etc.

  2. and the whole world sleeps…great post once again…keep getting the word out there john…it makes a huge difference…shavuah tov my dear friend

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