Too Late for A Good One

Haq al-Awda.

Sounds like a disease, or at least something that your Mom told you to stop doing on the sidewalk.

Well, it IS a disease, one of many social diseases afflicting the Arab soul.

It means, “the right of return” – for Palestinians.

In most Western countries, we let refugees become a part of our populations. We try to integrate them. The tired, poor, and huddled masses that wash up on our shores energize us, making our economies powerful. They bring new insights and a willingness to work hard. Their hopes and aspirations result in businesses and services. Their culture enlivens our towns and cities.

They are a blessing.

But, think about the Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. They are forced to live in crowded camps, in lawlessness and squalor. They are not allowed to integrate. They are not allowed to become citizens of their host countries. They have no rights, and they are looked upon with disdain by other Arabs.

The result is bitterness and anger – a fertile ground for Islamic radicalism. They are the incubators for Jihad.

In the Arab world, they are a curse.

One day, someone in the Arab world with the power to do something will wake up and say ‘this is a bad idea’.

Unfortunately, it’s already too late for a good one. 

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