Desert Rules

The desert breeds a certain kind of person.

Deserts are harsh and unforgiving. Deserts consume the weak. Deserts demand everything that you have, and then a little more.

When you live in the desert, you live by desert rules, and if you forget those rules… you die.

However, desert rules don’t apply everywhere. It’s not necessary to live by desert rules in the rain forests of Africa and Southeast Asia. Desert rules don’t make sense in the fertile plains of the American Midwest.

In fact, Desert Rules only apply… in the desert.

So, what do you think happens when you bind up Desert Rules into a religion and spread it around the world? What happens when you take a people who have been forged by the harsh realities of the desert, and point them at the soft underbelly of ‘softer’ peoples? What happens when you apply Desert Rules to unwinnable conflicts?

Hatred. Violence. Death. Destruction. Famine. Pain. Suffering.

Let me put it this way, rabbits are cute furry little creatures. I love rabbits. My cats love rabbits. Almost everyone loves rabbits.

But, in 1859, some idiot (Thomas Austin) released 24 wild European rabbits in Australia. Those rabbits went on to multiply into millions and cause the extinction of 1/8th of all mamalian species in Australia. They created serious erosion problems by eating plants necessary for soil integrity. And, who knows how many plant species became extinct?

The Rabbit is an animal that conforms to European Rules, but when introduced to an environment that operates under Australian Rules… there is disaster.

Islam is a religion conceived under the hot sun of the desert – by the Arabs, a people forged by the harsh rules of that same desert.

What happens when a religion and people of harsh rules spread into a different system? History provides an answer to that one.

Hatred. Violence. Death. Destruction. Famine. Pain. Suffering.

(Think also of the Viking invasions of Britain. The Germanic invasions of Europe. The Mongol invasions of China.)

What happens when this people comes into conflict with a people that operates under a Judeo-European set of rules?

Hatred. Violence. Death. Destruction. Famine. Pain. Suffering.

I see that you have the picture.

3 thoughts on “Desert Rules”

  1. I know about that and I hate him. Gentle, little, quiet defenseless creatures.
    Like it is so cool to hunt docile animals. I don’t understand that either.
    Hey, do they eat lizards over in the mideast? How about snakes?
    Cool post!!

  2. I don’t think gardeners love rabbits. But, Heavens to Betsy, what are the supposed to eat? I would think they would be smart enough to just eat grass and drink muddy water.

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