America Ya’ Done Good

It’s the day after the day after the election. Hmmm… Let me say that better.

It’s the day after the day of the results of the election.

Much better.

Elections. Results. In America.

There was grief. There was joy. I was there.

In Israel, there were different kinds of grief and different kinds of joy, and I wasn’t there.

When I was there, in Israel, I was a non-Jewish American living in Israel.

Now, after 14 years in Israel, I’m back in the US, and I find myself to be a non-Gentile Israeli living in America. It’s a strange feeling, and one that I’ll talk about more later.

The point that I want to make now is about elections. Each of the winners and losers had a reason. Some of the winners won because they didn’t lose. Some of the losers lost because they couldn’t win. Some won because they portrayed the other guy as evil. Some won because their message spoke to the hearts of the voters about something positive.

But, the real winners were the American people.

I know that they say that at the end of every election, and it’s become something of a cliche. But, I have spent the last 14 years in a region in which democracy is as precious gold and as scarce as a river in the desert. I’ve spent 14 years in a country where they worry endlessly about the proper balance between democracy and security. Fourteen years in which every election is about life and death.

So, in this day after the day after, I can only say…

America, ya’ done good.

2 thoughts on “America Ya’ Done Good”

  1. hiiiiiiiiii honey…great post once again…the man knows how to use words…elections…i always think we get what we deserve…you got a republican president/a democratic congress/and a mulim…hmmmmmm makes me wanna sing FIVE GOLDENNNNNNNNNNN RINGS :)))shabbat shalom my friend…jerusalem isn’t the same without you…come back soon…stay safe

  2. LOL!
    That was funny:)
    I’d prob say Ya’all done good, but That would be a lie. I’m just happy it is over so I can *finally* watch a real comercial.

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