Places Promises and Purse Strings

Hi Everyone!


My last post was…

October 17th! Ouch!

Sorry about that. However, I think that you will forgive me when I tell you that: 1. I was sick and 2. I moved countries.

That’s right. Yours truly has plunked his butt down in the Midwest of America. In the Northeast corner of suburban Indianapolis.

BUT (!) only for a few months. I have promised myself to be back in the land of chaos and confusion before the Hebrew year is out.

I always keep my promises.

So, I’m here.

AND, it’s election day no less.

What do the American elections have to do with Israel?

The simple answer is everything and nothing.

The US has been the single most loyal ally of Israel, and without the US, Israel’s survival would have been more in doubt. That loyalty has its roots in both the Senate and the Congress. It has very little to do with the Presidency of the United States.

True, the President can influence Congress, and he can stop marginal bills from passing. But, he has little direct control over the purse strings.

Purse strings are the perrogative of both houses of the US Congress.

This election is about those purse strings. Who will retain the power to loosen them. Who will lose the power to tighten them.

The problem is that generally, it has been the more conservative politicians who have supported Israel. That generally means the Republicans.

And generally, the Republicans are in a tight spot.

On the other hand, this election is being fought over local issues. As Benjamin Franklin once said,

All politics is local.

It has yet to be anything else.

So, as important as this election is to Israel, it will be decided on everything else BUT Israel.

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  1. the land of chaos and confusion!!! and here i thought it was milk and honey…WELCOME BACK KIDDO…BOY HAVE I MISSED YOU…great post once again…talk to you soon yankee doodle…nishikot…stay i’m counting on you keeping your word…see you soon

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