Holding Out the Hand of Peace

The problem with Israelis is that they’re only human.

If they were say… part Martian, things would be better.

The problem with being human, is that when you stub your toe, it’s hard to think about your neighbor who’s fighting cancer. When you are having trouble feeding your kids, it’s impossible to think about giving food to someone else. When you are threatened by SOME of your neighbors, you tend to fear ALL of your neighbors. When you suffer at the hands of those with hidden agendas, you start to suspect hidden agendas in everyone.

It’s a human thing.

That’s why, when Arabs are killing Israelis, it’s hard for Israelis to find the emotional energy to help other Arabs. But, Israelis also know that helping Arabs in need is a direct path to peace and reconciliation, which this region desperately needs.

That’s why I was pleased to see the UJC (United Jewish Communities) distribute aid to those Israeli Arabs who also suffered from Hizbullah rocket attacks.

Holding out the hand of peace in time of war is a tribute to Israel and to the Jewish people.

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  1. now john…i get it…but how do we sell the package to the sons of ishmael…i give you/you give me…i scratch your back/you scratch mine…or i’m taking back all my marbles…stay safe my dear friend

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