Enter the Mahdaviat

Enter the Mahdaviat.

We’ve talked about the Nazism at the roots of the Palestinian national movement. We’ve hinted at the genocidal racism at the roots of other Sunni radicals.

But, what about the Shia?

What lies at the root of Shiite radical Islam?

Something far, far more frightening than neo-Nazi ideology. When dealing with Nazis, you can at least appeal to their sense of self-preservation. Yes, yes I know that they preach self-immolation in the form of suicide bombing, but that’s for the rank and file. The leadership are far more concerned with living well and sending their kids to London to earn advanced degrees in eyewear – like Hafez did for his boy Bashar.

Nazis want a good life for themselves and their families while also pursuing racial purity and the death of the Jewish people. You can work with guys like that.

Bomb their house, and they work a little harder at being nice.

Not so the Mahdaviat.

There’s that word again. What’s the Mahdaviat? It’s not a ‘the’, but an ‘a’.

A Mahdaviat is someone who not only looks for the coming of the Mahdi (The Islamic version of the Messiah), but works to hasten his coming.

A good Mahdaviat, cannot be threatened. Not his life. Not his family. Not his neighbors, or his country. All of these things are reasonable sacrifices if it hastens the coming of the Mahdi. You do not reason with a Mahdaviat – it’s just flat not possible.

You can only kill them – which is one of the things that they want you to do.

Remember that I said that Nazism is at the root of radical Sunni Islam? Well, the Mahdaviat is Shia.

Who is the Mahdaviat?

Why, our boy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


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  1. You know what I don’t understand. Why it’s taking them so long to take over the West, since they are so unnaturally, inhumanely determined…they apparently have an unlimited supply of money.. I mean, this has been going on since before I was even born..since before my mother was even born..since before my mother’s mother was even born. Granted, they probably didn’t have nuclear weapons back then, but nuclear weapons are not really that new.

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