The Cynical Lie

We are so caught up in our own world view, that we often forget that some people aren’t like us – that they do things for reasons that we find to be horrifying.

Take the situation with Hamas and Hezbollah. (Please!)

They wave their arms and beat their chests and cry over the injustice of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands. They cry that they merely (in their own humble way) seek to free their people from slavery.

It’s quite a performance, and they’ve done it enough times that it looks pretty realistic.

But, ask yourself this. Why did Hamas choose that exact moment to attack Israel and start this latest round of the Palestinian conflict? Did you notice that domestic opinion among Palestinians had been turning against the Hamas-lead administration?

And then there’s Hezbollah. When the Syrians reigned in Lebanon, they swaggered. When the Syrians were forced to leave… they lost their swagger. Oh, they were represented in the Lebanese parliament, but it’s just not the same.

So, when the opportunity arose, giving them a chance at a bigger piece of the pie… they did what most good little terrorists do, commit atrocious terrorism.

You see folks, this ain’t about Israel. It has everything to do with a cynical grab for power at the expense of their own people. These are the kinds of people who murder their parents and then claim special privilege because they are orphans.

Whenever a conflict like this flairs up, ask yourself who benefits – and why.

The cynical lie is how the game is played here in Mideast politics, and Israel isn’t interested in playing along. You shouldn’t either.