Find Those Toys and Stop the Game

This morning, I will be on my way to a place that has become a traditional target for missiles: Tel Aviv. They haven’t fired any quite that far, but it’s only a manner of time. Jerusalem is safe from missile attack. Tel Aviv is not.

It’s interesting to reflect on how often this has happened before. No. Forget interesting. It’s depressing, but we’ll reflect anyway.

Remember the sixties and seventies? This is all a flashback to those days, and a friend of mine has illustrated this comparison beautifully in her latest post, Home of the Free Because of the Brave. In fact, you should bookmark her blog. Here’s the link:

But, I can hear the bleats of horror from my left. Yes, it is also true that the Arabs are suffering. It is also true that they’ve had to stock their bomb shelters. It is also true that they’ve had to suffer a disproportionate loss in civilian life.

What did you expect? A game of tit-for-tat? Did you expect us to play ‘fair’ and only fire as many missiles back, as have been fired at us?

And do you expect Hizbullah to STOP firing at us? They have too many toys in their arsenal, and they’ve been itching to use them for years.

Israel’s job right now is to find those toys and stop the game.