How Can Anyone Be This Arrogant?

There is always room for criticism. Always.

None of us is perfect, and that goes for Israel. That’s why, when the dust settles, we’ll look at what happened and see if we couldn’t have dealt with this situation more efficiently. We’ll try to see how we could have done more to minimize the damage to life, and the quality of life, among the Palestinians and the Lebanese.

But, we do that when the dust settles – not when we are being attacked. This is NOT the time to criticize Israel for defending herself. This is NOT the time for armchair generals to dictate strategy to people who have spent their entire lives trying to find a way out of this mess.

Those who manage the Israeli armed forces are highly educated and have spent their lives trying to find the right way to respond to unprovoked attack. And frankly, Israel has more than a hundred years of experience doing this, so I think that Israel knows better than anyone how to do this.

Remember also that Israel will be the one to pay the price for any mistakes that they make. Israel knows that if you create too much destruction, you sow the seeds of hatred. But, Israel also knows that if you don’t fight forcefully enough, the Arabs will think that you are weak and will INCREASE their attacks.

Israel has learned these lessons of dealing with the Arabs the hard way.

So, when the effete French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin goes to Beirut and criticizes Israel’s response to this evil attack… let’s politely tell him to shut up and go home. We should also remind him that France has been defeated by the Arabs every single time they have come into conflict with them.

How can anyone be this arrogant?