How Many People Should Die?

I was going to lash out at France.

No. Really.

I was going to talk about hypocrisy. Shortsightedness. Pandering.

Good stuff.

But, the Reading power station in North Tel Aviv is starting up, so I thought that I’d talk about THAT.

Don’t scratch your head so hard. Your hair will fall out.

We’ve been having power outages all over Israel, because the Israel Electric Company just doesn’t have enough spare capacity to meet demand. So, they’ve petitioned the government to reopen the Reading power plant.

The problem is that Reading is the most polluting of all the power plants in Israel. It’s been shut down for really good reasons. Now they want to start it up again.

However, I have a very good friend who is downwind from the plant. This is bad.

She is a passionate environmentalist. This is good.

I will probably receive a phone call about this later, and we will argue over the ramifications. This is… Okay, I’ll stop.

The Reading power station is awful, and was shut down for good reason. I do not support the reopening of this plant. When the wind shifts, I’ll get some of that pollution. The environment will suffer.

It’s also true that the government should have seen this coming and added power stations to meet the expected demand. Who knows why they didn’t do that. I won’t speculate.

Unfortunately, new power stations take time, and right now we don’t have a lot of it.


The power outages of the last couple of days brought down the Red Dawn early warning system. An Israel Air Force control unit had to switch to backup. People in elevators were trapped. People were rushed to hospital because their ventilators failed.

And, Daniel Dahan, 19, died in a traffic accident caused by a failed traffic light.

As much as I hate the idea of polluting the atmosphere with the Reading power station, I hate more the loss of a life.

That’s the lesson that we all must remember. Political decisions cost lives, and when you make a political decision, you may have to ask yourself a very important question.

How many people should die?


IEC predicts no power outages Tuesday