Just Like They Did in 9/11

Talking about barbarians yesterday has gotten me thinking about barbarism.

That got me thinking about 9/11, which got me thinking about airline hijackings (skyjacking), which got me thinking about the PLO.


Now, it’s true that the PLO didn’t invent the idea of skyjacking. People have been hijacking vehicles since the invention of the horse. People have been hijacking aircraft since 1931, when rebels skyjacked a Pan Am plane flying out of Peru.

So, no. They didn’t INVENT the idea. They just made it work as a political tool. They were the first to make it successful.

In fact, what is interesting to note, is that when the PLO started their campaign of skyjacking in 1968, they were fairly pessimistic that the idea was going to, uh… fly.

The turning point was 1970. In July, they skyjacked an Olympic Airways flight from Beirut to Athens and subsequently forced the Greek government to release seven PFLP terrorists.

This success gave them the impetus to try something even more daring.

On September 6th and September 9th, the PFLP skyjack four aircraft. Three land in the Jordanian desert, and one in Cairo. All four are destroyed after the passengers are removed.

Some of those passengers are never heard from again.

The ensuing tumult was so incredible that the PLO deemed the operation a complete success. They got the political mileage that they were looking for.

In the following years, the West allowed the PLO to add frequent flyer miles to their terrorism card. The West allowed the barbarians to feel like they could win.

There will always be barbarians. Always.

However, if you allow them to think that they can get away with their barbarism, they will try – and often succeed.

Just like they did on September 11, 2001.


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