Targeting Terrorist Leaders

When Israel assassinates a terrorist leader, it is routine for pundits and politicians to express shock and horror at Israel’s barbarity. These armchair generals go on to wonder aloud if targeting such people is effective and justify their credulity by saying that ‘we will get another one just like him’. There is truth to that. … Read more

Learn from Our Example.

I’ve just finished Martin van Creveld’s paper, “How Not to Fight Terrorism”. Van Creveld is a writer and Professor at Hebrew University and offers a fascinating view of counter insurgency warfare. He illustrates his points by giving us the reflections of Moshe Dayan, one of the most brilliant generals in Israeli history. If not THE … Read more

Any Idiot Can Swat a Mosquito

Friday in Israel is like Saturday in the US. You catch up on missed sleep. Stand in long lines at the grocery store. Clean the apartment. That kinda thing. Of course, my idiot neighbor had other ideas. She decided that 7 a.m. was a good time to begin her daily verbal abuse. Of her kids. … Read more

My Idiot Neighbor

Being upset at the French is like yelling at my idiot neighbor. It’s useless, and you’ve hurt the delicate feelings of someone who doesn’t have a clue. However, like most idiot neighbors, she offers an example of what NOT to do. Of how NOT to fight a war – any war. Even the war on … Read more