A Tool of Satan

I’m still on the topic of Arabic democracy, and there’s a definite parallel to European democracy. During the dark ages, the idea that each man was equal in the eyes of God was horrifying – Satanic, even. The Roman Catholic Church considered democratic values to be evil, and persecuted those who advocated them. Throughout Europe, … Read more A Tool of Satan

Desert Rules

The desert breeds a certain kind of person. Deserts are harsh and unforgiving. Deserts consume the weak. Deserts demand everything that you have, and then a little more. When you live in the desert, you live by desert rules, and if you forget those rules… you die. However, desert rules don’t apply everywhere. It’s not … Read more Desert Rules

Judeo-Christian Roots of Islam

Yesterday was Yom Kippur (pronounce it like this: yome kee-poor). It’s a great day for introspection, for quiet reflection. The nation is quiet. No cars move. Kids play in the street. Religious Jews fast and afflict their souls. Christians and non-religious Jews have a sandwich and read a good book – but, we’re VERY quiet … Read more Judeo-Christian Roots of Islam