My Heart Bleeds for Them

Leaders in the Arab world are worried. Very. And, in the international news media, they talk about how worried they are, what they are worried about, and then blame it all on Israeli aggression. They say that Israel’s war with Hezbollah is radicallizing the ‘Arab street’ (the average Arab) and threatening the stability of the … Read more My Heart Bleeds for Them


A friend of mine called me up last night and said, “John, you’ve gotta see this movie.” Being the rather cynical guy that I am, my mental response was “Well, I don’t HAFTA see anything.” Not knowing that she was already talking to the world expert on everything, she went on, “It encapsulates the whole … Read more Obsession

Hezbollah Pulled a ‘Fast One’ at Qana?

I hate conspiracy theories. I was spoon-fed them as a kid, but when I got a Little more sense and realized how stupid they were… I stopped believing in them. They are tiresome and give me a rash. The interesting thing about the Arabs, though, is that they thrive on conspiracy theories. Everything that happens … Read more Hezbollah Pulled a ‘Fast One’ at Qana?