Finding Obsession

Hi everyone. I am dreadfully sick. I’ll probably be okay tomorrow, but for now I’m horrifyingly terrible. Yup. THAT kind of sick. But, I didn’t want to leave y’all without something to look at. A friend of mine pointed out that Obsession had changed location in Google’s video list. I’m not sure why, but I … Read more Finding Obsession


A friend of mine called me up last night and said, “John, you’ve gotta see this movie.” Being the rather cynical guy that I am, my mental response was “Well, I don’t HAFTA see anything.” Not knowing that she was already talking to the world expert on everything, she went on, “It encapsulates the whole … Read more Obsession

When Israeli Civilians Die, They Celebrate

A friend of mine lives within shouting distance of Palestinian villages in the West Bank. A few days ago, I was sitting in his barber chair having my head shortened, when he told me that you can hear the Palestinians celebrate when Hizbullah rockets hit Israel. I said, “You mean, THAT is the reason why … Read more When Israeli Civilians Die, They Celebrate