…and, you won’t hear the press saying anything about it, which is par for the course. But, here is a leader of an Arab village openly saying that life under Israeli rule is BETTER than life under Arab rule. No, he’s not saying that Israeli rule is perfect. I’ve lived under Israeli rule, and I … Read more Amazing

Message for You – In the Mail for 2700 Years

I’ve just read something that jumped off the page, grabbed me by the throat, and gave me a vigorous shake, and I want to tell you about it. It’s from this dude named Isaiah, and he gave me this message after having just been talking with God. Yeah, I know. It sounds like someone needs … Read more Message for You – In the Mail for 2700 Years

Rick Perry Supports Israel

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Rick Perry. I’ve seen Rick Perry make some excellent decisions. He believes in God and seems to back up that belief with deeds. Well, yesterday he stood up and made himself the frontrunner, in my eyes, by making the following speech: Gov. Rick Perry: Obama‚Äôs Middle East … Read more Rick Perry Supports Israel