The Greatest Zionists of All

I have always believed that a person’s values and beliefs can best be expressed by what they do – not by what they say. What would you think of an environmentalist who drives an SUV? How about the preacher who can’t stay faithful to his wife? Would you support the politician that campaigns against corruption, but takes money … Read more The Greatest Zionists of All

70 Virgins Like These

Yossi sent me this, and I thought that this was just too funny to let the weekend pass without posting it.  (Click the picture to see it in full size) I wonder if the numbers of suicide attacks would decrease, if this was distributed to the Jihadi training camps. Just a thought.

Switzerland Invades Lichtenstein, Does Not Find BIIF

In a surprise ‘incident’ last Thursday night, two companies of Swiss infantry crossed the border of Lichtenstein and advanced almost two miles under the cover of darkness before turning back to base. Reports of  the population of 34,000 turning out to wave Swiss flags and do the Swiss Wave have not been confirmed (or even heard). Nor have any … Read more Switzerland Invades Lichtenstein, Does Not Find BIIF