GBTV – The Glenn Beck Show – Episode 1

I just finished watching the first episode of the Glenn Beck program on GBTV. Since I am currently in Taipei, watching it live isĀ  impossible (I’m still sleeping at 5 a.m.), so I saw it on-demand from the GBTV website. I am impressed. It is good to see Glenn back on TV with content that … Read moreGBTV – The Glenn Beck Show – Episode 1

Islam’s Assault on the West

In the 1960s Europe made a fateful decision. In the ’50s, Europe and Israel were friends. Britain supplied main battle tanks and the French sold light tanks and fighter bombers. They saw in Israel an embattled outpost of Western ideals in a blighted, backward Middle East. Then, in the ’60s, before the Six Day War, … Read moreIslam’s Assault on the West