Kissinger AGAIN

This guy NEVER ceases to get my blood boiling. Too many Israelis died because of his ‘misguided’ advice, so whenever his name makes it to a headline, I shudder. I found a recent article on World Net Daily that got me started: Declassified docs show Kissinger siding with Arabs Told Algerian minister another war with … Read moreKissinger AGAIN

Kissinger Strikes Again

A good friend of mine recently sent me an article that did not surprise me, but still made me sick. Here it is: Thanks Daniel! (a.k.a. It’s called Reassessing US-Israel Relations, and it reminds me of the most brilliant purveyor of cynical foreign policy that the world has ever known: Henry Alfred Kissinger. … Read moreKissinger Strikes Again

Islam’s Assault on the West

In the 1960s Europe made a fateful decision. In the ’50s, Europe and Israel were friends. Britain supplied main battle tanks and the French sold light tanks and fighter bombers. They saw in Israel an embattled outpost of Western ideals in a blighted, backward Middle East. Then, in the ’60s, before the Six Day War, … Read moreIslam’s Assault on the West