Jimmy is Pleased

With the Egyptian vote.

This guy really needs a nursing home. It is truly hard to believe this.

How can you possibly be pleased with a vote that brings Islamic fundamentalism to power?

Would he have been pleased by the democratic process that brought Hitler to power?

I’m struggling to find words here. How do you express the absolute depth of this person’s complete and utter idiocy?

Tell you what. Why don’t read the article, while I go off into a corner and try to recover my equilibrium.

Really, I’m speechless.

Carter ‘pleased’ with Egypt polls
Jan 10 11:52 AM US/Eastern, AFP

Former US president Jimmy Carter gave the thumbs up on Tuesday to Egypt’s parliamentary elections, saying the people’s will was “expressed accurately.”

“We have been very pleased,” Carter told reporters during a tour of a polling station at the Rod al-Farag girls’ secondary school in a working class district of the Egyptian capital

He said the election — a three-staged process launched in November to choose the first parliament since mass protests forced former president Hosni Mubarak to quit — had been peaceful despite “some problems.”

“But in general the will of the people has been expressed accurately,” he said on the eve of the end of the polls.

The Carter Center is one of the few monitoring group to have had a licence to witness the election, and the former US president will hold a news conference on Friday.

Carter arrived in Egypt on Monday to join a Carter Center delegation of 40 witnesses representing 21 countries deployed in Egypt since mid-November, the statement added.

Egypt’s two main Islamist parties have scored a crushing victory in the seats declared so far, reflecting a regional trend since Arab Spring uprisings overthrew authoritarian secular regimes.

Asked about Islamists coming to power, Carter said: “I have no problem with that. The US government has no problem with that either.”

Read the rest of the article here.

AGGGHHHH, I can’t take this anymore. Make it stop!

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  1. The man needs to be locked up as he is a danger to himself and others! How old is he now? Why does the U.S. Gov’t continue to send him to foreign countries as a representative of the U.S.? He has not been in control of his faculties for years!! To say that “America doesn’t have a problem with Islamists coming into power” is just a flat out lie!! The man is daft, and for certain, does not comprehend Islam!!

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