Nothing Happens at Non-Event

The reporters gathered with their cameras, microphones and note pads. Pencils poised, fingers ready they waited breathlessly for them moment when Israel would demonstrate yet again how evil and despicable it really was.


Nothing happened.

Palestinians TRIED to show how they were discriminated against. The reporters TRIED to show how Palestinians are discriminated against. They all gave it their best shot, and…


(Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

For 15 years, I’ve ridden buses all over Israel, and in and out of the West Bank. I have never seen a Palestinian denied entry, or denied a place to sit. I’ve never seen a Palestinian given any less respect than an Israeli.


Never in 15 years of living in Israel.

And yes, I DO speak Hebrew, and I DO know if Israelis are talking down an Arab or Palestinian. And yes, I rode the buses every day.

So, this whole attempt to demonstrate Israeli persecution of Arabs is completely mystifying.

I once had a Palestinian complain to me about how unfair the Israeli tax system was… how they were singling him and his people… that they were taking almost half of his money… the injustice… the heartbreak… the sighing.

(It was quite a performance.)

He was so wrapped up in the artistry of his complaint that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that my taxes were worse than his.

Have you seen the videos where Palestinians get upset when they talk about having their purses and backpacks searched when they enter public buildings?

I love those.

EVERYONE in Israel has their purse or backpack searched before entering a public building.

And anyway, I thought that the Palestinians wanted their own state. If they want to go to Israel so much and be with Israelis, why do they want their own country?

Well, here’s an article by Sharona Schwartz on The Blaze that got me thinking about this:

Palestinian Bus-Riding Gimmick to Prove Israeli ‘Apartheid’ Ends up Showing…No Apartheid

Posted on November 16, 2011 by

A contrived effort to engineer a Rosa Parks moment fall flat Tuesday when a handful of Palestinian activists set out to board an Israeli bus that they say services only West Bank Jewish settlers. In trying to create a comparison between the U.S. civil rights movement and the Palestinian predicament, they hoped to prove the long-standing claim of Palestinians and their international supporters that Israel is an “apartheid” state.

Their contention was quickly debunked when the half-dozen “Palestinian Freedom Rides” activists – trying to imitate the 1960s American Freedom Rides – freely boarded a bus heading from a West Bank settlement toward Jerusalem. Israeli buses are not segregated.

From the LiveStream feed provided by the protesters throughout the afternoon, it was clear there were many more photographers on board than passengers taking part, despite the advance advertising on pro-Palestinian websites. AFP reported 100 reporters were either on or outside the bus. The activists sported black and white keffiyehs and at least one wore a t-shirt promoting the boycott of Israeli products.

Israeli border police knew about the plans and were ready to face any trouble. At one point, an activist posted a message on the group’s Twitter feed pointing to the irony of Palestinians being escorted by Israeli military vehicles.

Israeli passengers had initially been on the bus (again – buses aren’t segregated), but got off when it was boarded by Israeli border police checking if the passengers had Jerusalem entry permits.

Read the rest of the article here.

(May the Schwartz be with you!)