Whew. I’m glad that’s (mostly) over.

I’m home.

That is SUCH a great sentence. Let me say it again.

I’m home.

Wow. That’s good.

Nine days in the hospital was interesting, but it’s not something that I’d want to make a habit of. The fact that it took me to the ripe old age of 44 before I was admitted for a stay in a hospital… well, that’s a pretty good run, so I feel fortunate.

The worst parts of it were being cut off from my best sources of information, the limited contact with the most adorable woman on the planet, and making it to church. I was still able to dip into the Internet, but it was like sipping from a straw. I had to cross to the other side of the building, in between doctor’s visits and intravenous infusions of antibiotics and then steroids. And, the connection wasn’t very fast.

Very frustrating.

Oh, and taking a shower. Ever tried to take one with gauze wrapped around a serious infection – around your ankles? Well, it was my first time too… You almost have to lie on your back.

By the way, I’m off of the heavy steroid. It was only three doses, and it really cleared up the vasculitis and helped my wounds heal up. Right now I’m on 15mg twice a day – which is a lot less than 250mg, once a day. I visit the Rheumatologist on Tuesday, to look at how I’m doing.

Long term use of Prednisone is out of the question, unless my rheumatology blood tests come back indicating serious problems – more serious than black spots on my ankles.

I’d certainly want a couple more opinions if the rheumatologist wanted me to go onto long-term steroid use. Steroids are serious and not to be fooled with.

We’ll see.

But, now that I’m out of durance vile, I can get back to our regular programming.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!