Evil Growing In America

This should not be shocking, but it is. Brazen, diabolical hatred of the Jews is coming out more and more into the fore in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ – not just hatred of Israel.

The masks are coming off.

In yesterday’s broadcast of the Glenn Beck Show, Glenn gave one of the best examples of why America is great – and why ‘Occupy Wall Street’ is so evil. I strongly recommend that you watch the video that I’ve linked to this post. And, if you do watch the video and like what you see, sign up for GBTV, because this video is only a small part of what was so great about yesterday’s program.

Here’s the link to the larger, higher quality version of the video:

Evil Growing in America

But, if you’re schlub and don’t want to see the video in better quality at the GBTV website, feel free to watch it from this web page. If you do not know that you’re a schlub, you should not feel guilty about not going to the GBTV website.

(But, you’re still a schlub.)

You schlub!

I can barely express how unimaginably bad this is. (No, not about you being a schlub) Please, sign up for GBTV and educate yourself. And, don’t forget Omega Shock. Be aware of what’s rolling down on us. You owe it to yourself and your family to be safe. But, most of all…

Have faith in God. He has a way through, if you will listen.