Israel – Wiped Off the Map

It’s not like you needed to be reminded of this. The Palestinian leadership wish to see Israel destroyed and completely erased from everyone’s memory. They want nothing that is Jewish to remain anywhere in the Middle East.

How do I know?

All that you need to do is look at some of the latest maps coming out of the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Tourism. On their maps, the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea are completely free of anything even remotely indicating the presence of an Israel. It’s all labeled PALESTINE.

And, this is from their Ministry of Tourism, where making tourists upset would presumably cause the Palestinians to lose tremendous amounts of money.

I got this from The Blaze:

If you examine this PDF file, you can see “Palestine” covers the territories including the entire West Bank (Judea and Samaria), the Gaza strip, Jerusalem and every inch of territory that is the State of Israel. Israeli cities are re-named to Arabic names, such as Tel Aviv – “Tel Ar Rabee” and the biblical town Be’er Sheba – “Bir Assaba.”

Director of the Israel Resource News Agency David Bedein who obtained a copy of the map tells The Blaze:

“The PA Ministry of Tourism map, designed for wide distribution among visitors to areas under control of the PA, represents the continued consistent vision of the PLO state in the making: A Palestine without Israel.

Since the genesis of the Oslo process, all new Israeli maps – by law – designate areas that have been ceded to the PA, while all new PA maps decimate Israel completely, as distributed in their schools, offices, media and magazines.”

Bedein whose organization studies the issue extensively explains that the Palestinians promised both the U.S. and Israel it would stop publishing maps like these but continue to do so both in school textbooks and official government publications.

These maps also reflect the position of Hamas, the terrorist group running Gaza, whose political leader Ismail Haniyeh told a Tehran audience this weekend that “occupied Palestinian land” can be liberated only through armed resistance. Speaking via video link to the fifth annual Palestinian resistance conference sponsored by Iran, Haniyeh said “the Palestinians will not give an inch of their land to Israel.”

Read In Words and on Paper, Palestinian Officials Are Wiping Israel Off the Map on the Blaze.

Tell your friends about this when they say that Israel needs to make concessions to the Palestinians. Concessions to people like this achieve nothing except war and terror.