Iran Escalates Threat

I wrote in OmegaShock:

The possibility that North Korea would supply Iran with weapons-grade uranium has bothered me for some time. It seems to me like the most logical thing in the world for Pyongyang to hand over nuclear weapons material to a nation hell-bent on using the material against an arch-enemy, the United States.

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The fact that Iran is now talking about positioning warships permanently off the coast of the United States should worry us all. The question is whether the US will take steps to board and search each of these Iranian ships that approach the US coastline, and whether these searches will become a casus belli for shutting down 40% of the world’s oil supply by closing the Persian Gulf.

You can imagine what would happen to the world economy if 40% of the world’s production of oil were suddenly taken out of the market. An already terrible Depression would become unimaginably worse.

And, when will nuclear weapons appear on those Iranian ships?

When they have them, when will they launch them?

Will the Iranian ships be decoys distracting us from the real nuclear weapons platforms Iran will attempt to deploy?

A few days ago, I was watching the Glenn Beck Show on GBTV, and saw Glenn interviewing Reza Kahlili. Reza maintains, and some of my information suggests, that Iran could have a nuclear weapon (or three) right now.

Or not.

The problem is that the confident rhetoric coming out of Tehran right now hints at a capability that should be scaring the pants off of the US State Department – but isn’t. (And no, their sources are NOT better than ours.)

Here’s the video:

Do I believe that Iran will launch a successful EMP strike against North America?

I tend to believe that the answer to that question would be ‘no’. But, I’m just a risk-taking kinda’ guy who spends a lot of his time in Israel and reads a lot. Are you willing to bet that there won’t be an EMP strike next Spring?

The point is that the threats against Israel and the United States are escalating. You might think about what you are going to do to prepare for that possibility.

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