Insane Warfare – Part 1

I’ve just been through yet another war of words over Israel, and I’m sitting here in something like shock at the insanity of it all. You would think, after all these years, that I would be used to this.

But I’m not, and I don’t ever want to be a person who accepts insanity as a natural part of things. The insanity that I’m referring to is the denial of Israel’s right to exist.

The tactics of those who purvey this perverted logic are as interesting as they are loathsome. As I wrote yesterday, one way that they do this is to cry over HOW Israel defends itself. Another one that I just ran over today claimed that Israel is at fault because she’s SUCCESSFUL, and the Arabs are failures. And, then there’s the one about JUSTICE – the faux sobbing and blubbering over land ‘stolen’ from the Palestinians. There’s also the one where the mere EXISTENCE of Israel is upsetting the Arabs, so we should stop the terrible pain that Arabs suffer by getting rid of Israel.

I love that last one, don’t you?

Now, most people, when they sit down and think things through, can come up with some pretty logical reasons why the situation is the way it is. Let me take you through a bit of it.

Here are a few incontrovertible facts to start us off:

Judaism is a pacifistic religion. Islam is a warlike religion. For instance, the great Jewish symbol is the Star of David, or in Hebrew, the ‘Magen David’. What is this ‘Magen’? It literally means shield. The great symbol of Judaism is the shield. Under Islam? The sword.

The Jews that came to Palestine were educated. They were engineers, doctors, lawyers. Those without university degrees still had a high school level of education. And yes, they were pacifists – or, at the very least, pacifistic.

Palestinians? Well, when the Jews started coming in, quite a few of them came from Syria – because the growing Jewish communities in Palestine brought jobs. Unfortunately, the Arabs had no education whatsoever. They couldn’t read. They couldn’t write. The Arabs also suffered from envy and fear. They envied the wealth of the Jews and feared the new way of life that came with them.

Couple a warlike tendency with ignorance, envy and fear, and you get what?

That’s right, conflict.

And, we haven’t even gotten to the part about how the leaders of the Arabs were thoroughly corrupt and fomented conflict for personal gain. But, we’ll leave that for another article, ‘cuz I want to get to the ironic part.

Here’s a fact that makes this conflict so ironic. Most of the Jews that came to Palestine did not want to create a Jewish State. This revulsion was so strong that there was a point in when one Jewish faction hunted down the Jewish nationalists and turned them over to the British authorities.

Yes, the anti-state philosophy among the Jews was THAT strong. But, that’s not the ironic part.

The irony is that the anti-state Jewish communities were forced to organize community militias because they kept being attacked by groups of Arabs. As the Jewish militias succeeded in defending themselves, the Arab attacks got bigger, and that caused the Jewish militias to get bigger. Eventually, these militias got big enough to become an army that was eventually called the Haganah.

Among other things, it was this Haganah that became the core around which the State of Israel formed.

The irony?

If it wasn’t for the incessant attacks by Arabs on the Jewish communities of Palestine, there would have been no Haganah, which means that there would have been no State of Israel.

If you want to blame anyone for the creation of the State of Israel, the first culprits to point your finger at are the Arabs.

By the way, for those of you who know the history of Israel, I have grossly over-simplified and glossed over a tremendous amount of detail. Nevertheless, the central point remains:

The truest Zionists of the Middle East are Arabs.

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