Israel Saves Palestinian Lives

It infuriates me to see Israel portrayed as a blood-thirsty, diabolical entity that feeds on the lives of innocent Arabs – especially since nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that this blood libel continues to be bandied about in every pseudo-intellectual forum around the world is mystifying to me.

Even here, antisemitism is rife on expat forums in Taiwan, where newly minted college graduates come to experience a different culture and help pay off their college loans, teaching English. They know nothing about Israel and probably couldn’t place her on a map, yet they freely hand out the most egregious examples of Palestinian propaganda as if they were established fact. And, getting some of these numbskulls to see even the barest bit of reason is truly exhausting.

I liken it to arguing with a member of the Flat Earth Society that our planet is round. (Although, I must say that, since I currently reside on the other side of the globe, arguing with Flat-Earthers has gotten MUCH easier.)

I’m not here to say that Israelis are perfect angels. They aren’t. In fact, some of them are thoroughly despicable. But the ‘thoroughly despicable’ Israelis are completely outshone by the Israelis that demonstrate an abundance of grace and mercy.

You will not find, in a muslim country, an example like the one in the video below:



Israel is far from being a perfect place. But, having traveled many places in the world, I have yet to see a better one.