War Looms Closer

I’ve been expecting this, but that doesn’t lessen how upset I feel about it. War is evil and despicable, and it is yet again being thrust upon an Israel that has done what it can to promote peace. It makes me sick to think that we are on our way to another round of senseless death and destruction.

When will the muslims ever learn?

Just yesterday, Major General Eyal Eisenberg, Chief of IDF Home Front Command, warned:

“It looks like the Arab Spring, but it can also be a radical Islamic winter. This leads us to the conclusion that through a long-term process, the likelihood of an all-out war is increasingly growing.

Iran has not abandoned its nuclear program. The opposite it true; it continues full steam ahead,” he said. “In Egypt, the army is collapsing under the burden of regular security operations, and this is reflected in the loss of control in the Sinai and the turning of the border with Israel into a terror border, with the possibility that Sinai will fall under the control of an Islamic entity.”

“In Lebanon, Hezbollah is growing stronger within government arms, but it has not lost its desire to harm Israel, and the ties with Turkey aren’t at their best,” Major General Eisenberg added.

Referring to what he characterized as the possibility of a “radical Islamic winter,” Major-General Eisenberg said: “This raises the likelihood of an all-out, total war, with the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used.”

During his address, the senior IDF official revealed that new, more lethal arms surfaced in the hands of Gaza terror groups during the latest round of fighting in the area. As result of the disturbing development, Israeli civilians were instructed to adopt greater precautions, he said.

“We discovered a new weapon, and as result of this we instructed the public to hide under two roofs, rather than only one,” he said.

He also went on to add that 25% of local authorities in Israel are insufficiently prepared to face emergency situations.

I think that its interesting to see that many in the intelligence community in Israel are upset with General Eisenberg’s comments:

“It’s unclear why an IDF general heats up tensions in the region and why he exposes secret intelligence information about new Palestinian capabilities,” one official said.

I, of course, appreciate hearing what the general said. I can only hope that more people begin to understand what’s coming and what’s happening so that the US can help do something about it.

The problem is that the US is asleep.

Worse, the US appears to be causing some of what is happening.

Not only should I ask if the muslims will ever learn, but I should also ask if WE will ever learn.

It’s as if we are determined to bring the world crashing down around us. We have clearly gone insane.

Source: Ynet News

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  1. I agree! We have clearly gone insane! Sometimes I feel like the U.S. is sticking it’s head in someone else’s business on the pretense of “creating a better society” while really making a situation worse. War is ugly, but at this point it is also inevitable.

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