Trust Only the Jews

I believe in track records.

For instance, I’m currently paying attention to Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal and David and Bob Wiedemer of Aftershock. They have a proven track record of getting it right on social, political and financial trends.

I don’t follow very much of the mainstream media because they do NOT have a proven track record for getting things right.

I trust computer companies like Asus and Acer, because they have a proven track record for producing quality products at reasonable prices.

No-name Chinese manufacturers? Not so much.

The same applies to who you should trust with Jerusalem.

For four thousand years, Jerusalem has been conquered and reconquered. In all that time, the only ones to treat the inhabitants with anything like human decency, were the Jews. When the Babylonians took over, they deported everyone that they didn’t kill. When the Greeks took over they desecrated the temple and tried to stamp out the presence of the Jewish religion there. When the Romans took over, they desecrated the holy sites and eventually wound up massacring the Jewish inhabitants. When the Byzantines took over, they denied Jews the right to live in Jerusalem. Then came the Muslims who oppressed everyone who wasn’t Muslim. Crusaders then took over the city and massacred almost everyone.

But, when the Jews took over in 1967?

They protected the Muslim and Christian holy sites. They cleaned up the city and made it livable. They put in sewers, electricity and clean running water. They protected the rights of everyone and persecuted no one.

The Palestinians? I cannot begin to tell you how corrupt and violent they are to even their own people.

The point is that a track record gives you a good idea of what the future holds for certain decisions. Giving Jerusalem to the Palestinians is such a bad idea at so many levels that only the truly insane would contemplate the thought.

Unfortunately, there’s lots of insanity running around.