Former Muslim Challenges Quran

In time of war, the most important maxim is ‘know your enemy’. And, once you have defeated the thing that makes him your enemy, you have won.

In World War II, Germany wasn’t defeated when Berlin was taken. No, Germany was defeated when Naziism was eradicated. It was the idea that drove Germany that was the truest enemy of all.

When America defeated Imperial Japan on the battlefield, it was a great victory. But, true victory only came when Japan no longer considered herself ‘Imperial’.

We are currently engaged in a life and death struggle with a very clever, multifaceted enemy. One of those facets is Islam. And, at the heart of Islam, lies the Quran (Koran).

If you’ve read the Quran, you undoubtedly read one of the ‘popular’ versions created and sanitized for Western consumption. But, even the ‘sugar coated’ versions of the Quran should horrify you. What do you think you would see if you read the Quran translated correctly by a Saudi? And explained in terms that Christians can understand?

Well, reading such a book would be a vital first step in knowing your enemy.

2 thoughts on “Former Muslim Challenges Quran”

  1. John….cannot get the video link to play in either Firefox or Chrome. Usually your video links work fine.

    Hope you and Kwei are doing ok. Know that the weather has been really hot there in Taipei. Michelle and I watch stream while eating.

    Hugs and blessings..peace!

    Thom and Michelle

  2. Hey Thom,

    Sorry that you’re having trouble. The video is run on Flash, and it runs fine on my version of Firefox. The current version of Flash on my machine is 10.3.####. If you have an older version, you might want to update Flash on your computer.

    Just Right-click on the video and select “About Adobe Flash Player” and then follow the instructions on the website.

    Let me know if you continue to have trouble.

    – John

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