Rumors of War II

I just finished watching, for the second time, an incredibly powerful video.

It’s called Rumors of War II. I’m sure that before it’s all over, I’ll have watched it several times more. It truly is a video that grabs you by the neck and gives you a shake. If your world-view wasn’t already shaken, it will have been shaken by the end of this video.

Unless you’re made of stone.

(Of course, if you ARE made of stone, this blog isn’t for you.)

I highly recommend that you watch this video. If you’ve already seen it, watch it again. And then, send it on to your friends. It truly is one of the most important videos that you will see this year.

And, for the first time, Glenn Beck is making it available to you for free. It’s a part of his way of introducing you to his new Internet TV station, GBTV. If you watch this video and appreciate it, then consider joining GBTV. There are a lot more videos like this coming from GBTV, and you need to be seeing them – that is, if you want to stay current on what’s happening in the world.

Again, I highly recommend that you join GBTV, so that you can continue to receive the kind of informative content that you cannot find too many places these days. Not only that, but your subscription will help keep on the air a voice that needs to be heard.


Here’s the introductory text from the web page presenting this video:

Never forget. That is the rally cry after most tragedies caused by man’s inhumanity to man. It’s a feel good sentiment that people genuinely express to let the victims know – we will not allow this to happen to you ever again. It’s well-intentioned, but history reveals our actions never quite live up to the rhetoric. We always forget. And once again, the world has forgotten. Old hatreds have begun to rear their ugly head once more, yet those who swore to never let it happen again are inexcusably sitting silently by and allowing the hate to fester.

The time to remember is RIGHT NOW.

As the world spirals into financial chaos and conditions continue to worsen, fingers are already being pointed to determine a scapegoat. The nation dubbed ‘Little Satan’ is one obvious candidate to be on the receiving end of the blame. Little Satan is of course Israel – and the developments in the Middle East and around the world have been disturbing. The naïve promise the media once had in the Arab Spring has clearly given way to the inevitability of radicals grabbing power. The Muslim Brotherhood, long banned in Egypt, was immediately allowed re-entry and enjoys popular support. Turkey has moved aggressively towards Sharia Law and has befriended Iran – a nation who has renewed its long standing call to wipe Israel off the map. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

I know many people hear all of this and think ‘yeah, well that’s way over there – why does it matter to me?’ There are a couple reasons. First – if you thought ‘Little Satan’ implied there is a ‘Great Satan’ you are 100% correct. Who is the Great Satan? The United States. Second – if you fear the Lord (generally a good idea) you know God says that He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse it. But there is so much more to this story, which is why I made a documentary called ‘Rumors of War’. It’s a two part series loaded with jaw dropping information that will prepare you to make an educated decision. And yes, you MUST make a decision –will you stand with Israel in their time of need, and be blessed? Or will you respond to evil with silence?

As the Restoring Courage event I’m holding in Jerusalem on 8.24 approaches, I’ve decided to make Rumors of War II free for all to view. Share it with everyone you can think of: friends, co-workers, Facebook Friends, family and anyone else who will listen. I firmly believe in the American people, when they are informed, they will make the right choice every time. And there’s no bigger choice to make than this.

The world promised to never let this happen again. Now is our chance to do what every previous generation has failed to do: make good on that promise.

Laus Deo,