Iran and 9/11

Now this is interesting.

The bi-partisan 9/11 Commission in 2004 had recommended further investigation into Iran’s involvement, and the evidence that they already had was pretty damning. But, the Bush administration sat on it, and the Obama administration sat on it.


Then, in 2009, when a million Iranians rose up to topple the regime, the Obama administration claimed that they didn’t want to interfere. (At the same time that they were interfering with Arab regimes throughout the Middle East.)


Iran is demonstrably at war with America, but the US government does nothing. The US will seemingly bomb every other nation on the planet, without compunction. So, why haven’t they done the same to Iran?

Is it because Iran is too tough a nut to crack?

If that was the case, why didn’t the US support the 2009 uprising?

I smell a rat.

Whatever the truth may be, Iranian involvement in 9/11 is going to start hitting the headlines because victims and victims’ families are suing Iran for their involvement. Hopefully their suit will shed some light on Iran’s involvement and spur on the US government to more proactive action.

Unfortunately, it appears to me that they’ve diddled so long that covert operations against Iran would be too little, too late. I think that we’re stuck with having to go to war.

It’s just one more reason that America is going to war with Iran – when they could have handled this earlier, at the cost of fewer lives.