Truth About the West Bank

Would you believe that I’m finally on Facebook?

I can hardly believe it myself. I’m doing this pretty much against my will, but the seriousness of the situation has driven me to it. We’re in a lot of trouble, and if it helps to get to word out then I’ll join Facebook.

Somebody’s gotta make the tough sacrifices.

Well, after I signed up for Facebook, Aaron, a good friend in Jerusalem, sent me a link that illustrates some of the background to what we call the ’67 Borders’.

In just six minutes, this video quickly takes you through the important reasons why Israel has a right to occupy Judea and Samaria (The West Bank). It doesn’t give all the reasons, but it does give you the main points that you need to know.

It’s certainly worth forwarding to friends and family who might need to know the real facts.

I’m not a huge fan of Danny Ayalon’s speaking ability, but he IS the Deputy Foreign Minister. And, he did a credible job.

Anyway, I hope that this lets you in on some of what they are really talking about when they say ’67 Borders’.

If it made sense to you, pass this video along.

Thanks Aaron!