I’ve come to the conclusion that Glenn Beck is the most genuine, mainstream TV/Radio guy that I have ever seen. He has now gone completely out on a limb, staking everything he has – on something that will break him, if no one comes forward to help.

That ‘something’ is GBTV and the event Restoring Courage.

I don’t have a positive view of the future, myself. But, if there is any hope for America, it’s through people like Glenn Beck and others who stand up for faith, morality and common sense. You don’t have to agree with his religious beliefs, but anyone that stands for what Glenn stands for… well, you need to stand with him.

Go to and subscribe. The minimum subscription is $50 a year. That’s less than 14 cents a day. You can handle 14 cents a day, and I believe that Glenn is going to need every penny.

But, do more than that. Do like I have done and think of this as a contribution to a cause worth keeping alive and sign up for the $100 a year subscription, which will set you back only 28 cents a day. That’s right, I have the $100/year subscription, and if I can do it, you can too.

Go ahead, sign up now.

I’m glad that I signed up, and you’ll be glad you that you did too.

3 thoughts on “GBTV”

  1. John, Glenn Beck is an evangelist for the LDS church first and an entertainer second. Believe me, his network won’t be hurting for money and it will exist as a forum for LDS proselytizing. They don’t need your money or anyone else’s.

  2. Hey Bill,

    You are someone of great generosity and integrity, so the last thing that you need is for me to lecture you on compassion and benevolence. Please consider the following as a bit of an explanation after having wrestled with the idea myself. So…

    …yeah, it bothers me. I understand where you’re coming from. I pretty much hide behind the idea that he’s not asking me to agree with his religious view.

    Also, having watched many of his shows, I really don’t see that he’s actually proselytizing – except for the fact that he demonstrates that he’s a really good guy. Nor do I see the Church of LDS giving him money. I suspect that they look on his behavior with something of a jaundiced eye. (He’s far too friendly with Christian-types, and he even has friends who are homosexual.)

    Furthermore, I’ve given money to organizations that do not agree with elements of my theology. I’m a strict constructionist myself, when it comes to the bible, but I still give a percentage of my income to churches that I do not completely agree with. I continually have to keep reminding me of the verse in Mark 9 where Jesus said “For he that is not against us is for us”.

    Also, I truly believe that one of the many reasons why God is judging the US is because of those who call themselves Christian, but act like Pharisees. Every time that I read the passages where Christ criticizes the Pharisees, I feel His finger pointing at me and at my past. God was not (and is not) happy with my legalism and my pride.

    We are called to be generous and compassionate to a fault, not asking whether a person is worthy of our generosity. (And, let me thank you again for a recent bit of generosity that you’ve shown me!)

    In the coming months, we’ll see how much Glenn becomes a mouthpiece of the Church of LDS. There’s plenty of time for us to cry foul if he steps over ‘the line’.

    My own conscience tells me to support Glenn, and I trust God to show me the error of my ways if this is the wrong course of action.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify this!

    – John

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