Persecution in Palestine

Being a Christian in Israel is no big deal.

In fact, it’s really no more difficult than being a Christian in the US – which is to say that it’s not really that difficult. The worst that you can say about Israel and the US is the temptation to be something other than Christian.

That’s pretty much it.

Not so, in Palestine.

If you are a Christian, in the West Bank or Gaza, you are in a lot of trouble. In fact, you might be in so much trouble that you might have to run for your life – or lose it.

That’s why so many Christians have left the Palestinian areas. Before the Palestinian Authority took over, Bethlehem was overwhelmingly Christian. After the PA took over, Christians have been forced to flee for their lives and the wellbeing of their families. Those Christians that remain are either too poor to flee, or have made the ultimate commitment to their faith. Either that, or they’ve ‘sold out’ and compromised their principles. (Every group has its ‘sell outs’, so I won’t spend time there.)

My question is this. Why is it that no one wants to talk about Christian persecution among Palestinians?

Why is it that the rest of the world vilifies the one state that protects and defends the Christians that live among them?