Egyptian Blockade 2

I’m trying to work my way through this, so bear with me for a moment.

Gaza has an international border with Egypt, right?

There are no Israeli troops between Gaza and Egypt, right?

Everyone is upset with Israel for closing its borders with Gaza, but they aren’t upset with Egypt for doing exactly the same thing, right?

Do you see a problem here?

And yes, I CAN tell you that the border between Egypt and Gaza is effectively closed. The Egyptian government may be corrupt, but it isn’t stupid. They don’t want Palestinian terrorists running around in their country, either.

Yes, I know that the Egyptians claim that the border is ‘open’, but you’ll notice that nothing actually gets through. There’s this little problem with ‘bureaucratic’ delay – or something like that.

So, we have some serious hypocrisy going on over here. Everyone rants and raves over Israel closing its borders with Gaza, but they say nothing about Egypt. Nothing.

Of course, there’s a reason why they say nothing about Egypt.

If they say ANYTHING critical about Egypt, they illustrate the inherent corruption of their own position. The popular media and Western governments have been trying to rebrand the Palestinian Authority as cute, fuzzy and harmless. You can’t do that if the Egyptians illustrate the ‘lie’ of this by closing their borders with Gaza.

If the Egyptians think that the Palestinians are a dangerous threat, then the Palestinians cannot be the peace-loving flower children that we want them to be. If other Arab countries consider Palestinians to be a threat to public safety, then Israel is correct in restricting what goes in and out of the Palestinian Territories.

The Palestinians don’t want to be in Egypt, they want to be in Israel.

And, Israel has the right to say no.