The Price

I just spent a couple days with George and his daughter Sara*. Sara needs an operation, and George brought her to my apartment so that he could spend time being a Dad. The Palestinian village where George lives is still too ‘hot’, so he needs a safe place to hang out until things cool down. But, as much as George needs a safe place, his little daughter needs a father. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

George is staying with my wife and I because there has already been one attempt on his life, and there is a credible threat of future attempts. He was pretty beat-up when I first met him, and it’s clear to me that he won’t live long if he goes back home.

However, he’s got a wife and kids, and it’s tearing him up to be away from them.

But, that’s not all.

Some of you are parents, which means that you might know what it feels like to have a child with a life-threatening condition. Now, think about how you would feel if you couldn’t be with your child. Oh, and let’s make sure to add the fact that he is unable to see his child because thugs are trying to kill him for being a Christian.

That’s right, for being a Christian.

Anyway, I already knew some of the story, so when George told me that a friend was bringing his daughter over for a visit, I said “sure, no problem.”

I was sitting at my computer when we heard a knock on the door. When my wife opened it, I saw one of the most precious, pig-tailed bundles of joy a father could want – and she had eyes only for her Dad. And, for the next two days our apartment was filled with just how great a Dad George is.

And the price that he is paying.

*Not their real names. Not even close.