I am Pro…

Actually, I am ‘pro’ anyone who exhibits the values that ascribe to:





Those values are in short supply everywhere on the globe, but they are especially scarce around here – the Middle East. Fly into this region, and you enter the ‘me first’ zone. Peace, love, humilty and forgiveness are in short supply.

I see it all the time among Israelis. The litany of heroic efforts by Israelis on behalf of Palestinians is long. The reverse, unfortunately, is very rare.

That’s why, when I see heroic efforts by Palestinians on behalf of Israelis, I am brought to tears. (Seriously, it’s embarrassing to a big guy like me.)

Palestinians have been brainwashed to hate Israel from the cradle. From the moment they are born, to the day they die, Palestinians are subjected to wave after wave of anti-Israeli hatred. The fact that there aren’t more Palestinian terrorists is amazing to me.

The miracle happens when a Palestinian overcomes his/her ‘programming’ and embraces Israel as a friend.

I personally know Palestinians who have done this. And, I know of many more by reputation.

And, each and every one of them are born-again Christians.